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I know, I keep saying I am going to blog more and I don’t.  Well, in any case, for those looking for something to do this weekend, check out this list from

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Justice! Well, in one article anyway….

This excerpt is so right on, that I had to past it in it’s entirety.  Thanks for posting Leslie!

“The costs that women experience related to childbearing are greater the higher their level of education in terms of potentially lost income, promotions and opportunities for career advancement,” Koropeckyj-Cox said. “For men, however, fatherhood generally brings enhanced status and emotional benefits, with few if any costs in the labor market.” 

Full text here:

I feel wonderful just reading this, really. I have been saying this for years – and it always seems to fall on deaf ears.  Well, folks here is the proof!  I know, it’s one study – we have a long way to go, but by Golly, this makes my day!  WOW.  Great way to start the day.


Imgaine a workplace that had almost everything you need? Check this article out from MSN regarding some perks that some companies are offering.  To me, by far, the extra time off and on-site child care are the best benefits 🙂

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On the Boston Herald Mommy Blog here.   Meredith quotes from April Peveteaux .  Basically talking about why Moms attack each other in the online communities.  Its true.  Why does this happen?  These forums are meant to be supportive, not combative.  I was talking to my friend Kim about this type of thing at lunch.  It’s bad enough that women have to work harder than men at almost everything in life that equates to a salary.  So, why, when we are faced with what nature hands us (children) we feel the need to turn into lionesses?