A Litte Humor

Part of  my new life means getting healthy, for real.  So, I am back to working out and I love it.  The Y is, well, the Y and I can’t wait for the new one, but this one is just fine for now – and there is free babysitting – which can’t be beat.  Anyway, the other day I went to get Abby and Penny (Jake was in school) and one of the mothers comes in to get her child and looks at Abby, looks at me, and says, “Oh my God, she is beautiful!  But, is she really yours?”.  Yes, this happened.  I muttered, “thanks” and turned around.  Seriously?  I know I am nothing to sneeze at, clearly, and Abby does have Steve’s looks, but really?  What if she were adopted?  So, I am making light of it, after all, Abby is beautiful!


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