Well, seeing how it’s been almost a year since I have last blogged and I am no longer actively in PR, perhaps I should change the title of this blog, just in case anyone is really reading it.   I am not big on change, I have mentioned that before, so the past 6-7 months have been, well, let’s say, a bit challenging.  Now, in the larger picture of life, the word “challenging” can mean many things to many people depending on their life circumstances.  It can mean struggling through an illness, or training for a marathon or pretty much anything.  What do I mean by challenging?  I mean finding time to actually think.  Time to make a complete grocery list.  Time to pack a full gym bag that yes,  includes soap and shampoo.  Time to eat.  All of these things seem so incredibly basic, but for some reason I can’t manage to find the time to do any of these things on a regular basis.  In the large scheme of things, if this is all I have to worry about I guess I am doing pretty good.  However, I miss my work.  A lot.  I miss talking with humans older than 4 years old.  I miss going to the bathroom alone.  I miss eating lunch, never mind actually going OUT to lunch.  I miss taking a sick day when I am sick.  Did I mention I miss eating?   Anyway, that’s it for now, someone is up, again.  Stay tuned for more from the home front 🙂


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