Deserve it, really?

So I was just reading this blog post on WorkIt, Mom! by Miss Britt and it got me thinking, especially this  bit:

I can’t speak for men, but I believe that women often equate their value as a person to their ability to nurture others.  Our self confidence and identity is commonly tied to our roles as mothers, spouses or friends – all roles that typically involve a good deal of nurturing.

Interesting.  I thought I was the only one who equated the two!  Apparently there are more of us out there.   And the post has a good point – taking care of yourself.  I mean, there are the basics like brushing your teeth, washing your hair, etc. and then there the more “luxurious” things like taking the time to read scripture, or setting aside time to exercise.  None of which I do – even the basics (which I do) take time away from the kids and other tasks.  I am sure most mothers of toddlers feel this way, right?  I mean, if I ever get the opportunity to take a  long, hot bath again, I think I will be a changed woman.  Until then, I will take fast showers, bathe the children and make sure the bath tub is clean.

So, in terms of “deserving” this time or “need”, I don’t quite  buy it – yet.


2 thoughts on “Deserve it, really?

  1. It took me a looooong time to even start to get it. What did it for me was thinking about how I wanted my kids to grow up. I want them to believe they deserve happiness – not material things, necessarily, but happiness. I want them to know they are “enough”.

    If I want that for them, I have to be willing to accept that in myself.

    Thanks for reading it!!

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