To wear or not to wear?

I know I reference The Juggle posts a lot, but this one is GOOD and about an issue that needs to be addressed.  Pajamas in public.  This is something that I simply do not understand AT ALL.  I mean, it’s not an affordabiltiy issue, right?  One can assume that if you can afford pajamas, you can also afford real clothes.  I see this all the time.  The grocery store, the movies, the mall, restaurants, walking down the street, even in the Dr’s office.   And I am sure it happens in schools too.

Why?  Is it the ever-present need for Americans to be “comfortable” at the risk of being appropriate?  Also, if you are schleping around town, sitting on bus seats and God knows what else, do you really want to track that into your sheets???

Like the poster on The Juggle, Michelle Gerdes, I remember not so long ago when (depending on where you worked), everyone wore a suit and jeans were not an option, never mind HOUSE CLOTHES.  And I too have been through pregnancies and even at my most uncomforatble times, ALWAYS got dressed.  And am fluffy and would rather be in comfortable clothes, but think that being appropriate is more important.

I don’t get it – it’s one of life’s mysteries like why some people think it’s ok to cut in line on the highway.  C’est la vie.  There are other things to worry about.


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