Torn on this one

Recent post on The Juggle re:  health incentives.  Excerpt of interest below:

In one example cited in this story, a senior manager at IBM said she has often been too wiped out at the end of a workday to fix healthy, low-fat meals for her 3-year-old daughter. Under the company’s health plan, she was offered a “children’s health rebate.” Now, instead of zoning out in front of the TV and ordering pizza, pasta or fried chicken with her daughter at night, this single mom follows weekly menus provided by her employer. She says she has lost 10 pounds, and her daughter is snacking healthier, munching on fruit and pita instead of Gummi bears and chips.

I get it, I do.  We all want our kids to be healthy and on one hand I think it’s great that there are incentives to do that.  On the other hand, parents SHOULD be doing this whether or not there are incentives.  I try not to get too political here, but I see this as a stepping stone to some sort of national healthcare system where someone else decides, a government-appointed body of sorts, on who gets healthcare and who doesn’t based on particular health issues.  Not good folks, not good.


2 thoughts on “Torn on this one

  1. I see your point and in a perfect world, we wouldn’t need child health incentives, but the reality is health care costs are so high, many people can’t afford them. Add to this that children are more obese and more unhealthy, which is driving up costs even more (e.g., diabetes is near epidemic levels). I applaud the employer for trying to rein in costs by improving health, because if they don’t, the government must. Did you know that the major reason most people are denied entry into military service is because they can’t pass the physical?

    Also, TODAY people are denied health care based on particular health issues, but it’s done by insurance companies, not the government.

    Good blog, by the way!

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