Working Women – too nice?

Just reading this post in Business Week‘s Working Parent’s blog.  I think I blogged about this before.  Very sad – as all this adds up to something that is not very nice.  A few highlights:

“In April 2007 the American Association of University Women released a study of college graduates that found that, even after controlling for the number of hours worked and other factors, 10 years after college graduation women earned 12% less than their male peers. The researchers gave several reasons for the differential, including this one: “Women expect less and negotiate less pay for themselves than do men.”  – this is very, very sad.

“…the researcher found that women who adopt a masculine, alpha-female approach in the office earn up to 4% more than than their more passive female colleagues. Women deemed to be anxious or moody — i.e. neurotic — earned 3% less.” – whatever.  I am going to continue to be true to my own values and being nice.  If I lose money, I lose money.  I would rather go to bed with a clear conscience.


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