So true.

I was just reading this post on the WSJ’s The Juggle and I had to post on my own.  Really?  I mean, really re: reality stars or any stars for that matter on being new moms.  But, this is the media showing one side of things, as usual, so not surprising.  Being a new mother is anything but “dreamy”.  It is probably the biggest transition in  life – for women, and presumably men as well.

I have found, through my own experience and talking with others that there is reality and then there is IN YOUR FACE REAL LIFE.  For example, during pregnancy women tend to day dream about the nursery and   spend hours trying to decide what the baby should wear home from the hospital.  In real life?  You make sure you have diapers, onezies and blankets and you are all set.  Oh, and the outfit from the hosptial?  Sure, whatever is on sale and just make sure the car seat is in right.

Perhaps this is because I have two children and the experiences were vastly different.  The second time around I think a lot of people just simply don’t worry about the small stuff – it really doesn’t matter.  Are they clean?  Did they poop and is everyone fed?  Good.  Done.  It’s that simple folks.  There are great moments of course, but the way the media portrays new moms is cetainly just that, a portrayal.

And the baby weight…yeah, won’t even touch that one.


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