From 24 to 34, A Decade in Review

As I reflect back over the past decade, and New Year’s Eve of 1999 and look ahead to this New Year’s Eve, 2009, I can’t help but reflect on the many changes that have taken place over the past decade.  For those of you who know me, know I am not big on change, at all.  But, really, I think I struggle with the changes to every day routine and schedule and not the big changes in life.

Ten years ago, I was living in NYC (upper east side), working in high-tech PR, and not a care in the world with the exception of which party to go to on New Year’s Eve.  Fast forward ten years…..I am living in NH, working in high-tech PR, but a lot more on my mind than where to be on New Year’s Eve.  In reality, I haven’t even thought about it since I know I will be home.

In the past decade a lot has happened – personally, in my field of work and in the world.  Anyone who reads a newspaper once in awhile does not need a recap of what has happened in the world in the past ten years.   Most notable, we have a President who promises “change”.  I am waiting for that.  Enough said.

In the word  of high-tech PR, so much has changed.  This industry is changing so rapidly and so drastically, it’s hard to keep up.  I have worked for a few high-tech PR firms over the last ten years and I must say, that where I am now is the best.  We are aware of the changes and working towards what makes sense for our firm and clients.

For perspective’s-sake….a decade ago PR was filled with faxing press releases, making hard copy press kits and actually mailing them (or messenger in the City), and in my own case, the dictaphone….my boss didn’t know how to type.  Fast forward a decade and we ask ourselves, what is a press kit?  You mean, you got clips in the MAIL from Luce?  You had to wait until the issue of the magazine was on the stands – there was no online.

Personally, it’s been quite a decade.  Again, some perspective.  In 2000 I turned 25, a whole quarter of a century old and I thought it was perfectly acceptable to throw myself a party.  It was great – it was awesome (place is now closed – Mo’s Carribean was the best).  However, in a few months when I turn 35, I can assure you I will not be at a reggae place or ANY place for that matter unless they have high chairs and crayons.

Throughout the past years, there was a stint with a reggae artist, career advancements, the move back to NH, a short career switch and attempt to get my Masters.   That attempt turned out to be the best  move of the decade – it’s how I met Steve.  By far, the best occurence within the past ten years.

That was before the half way point of the decade.  And since, life has done a complete 360 or 180, or however you call it.    He is the most wonderful, intelligent, caring, thoughtful, honest, and maybe most importantly, funniest person I know.  And it only got better from there.  After getting married in 2005, we welcomed Jake in November of 2006 and then Abby in March of 2008.  Oh,and I forgot to mention along the way, Dakota, our awesome Shiba Inu, also came along.

So, here I sit, reviewing the past decade, and although turbulent at times, I truly have no regrets at all.  Sure, there were times when I could have had better judgement, but I learned a lot.  So, now I wonder what does the next decade bring?  If I had to guess, I would imagine that life will be filled with kid activities – sports, music, etc., as well as the never-ending house repairs and hopefully some fun vacations.

That’s it, pretty simple.  It’s hard to believe it’s been ten years ince the “millenium” and that havoc the IT departments thought it would bring.

Happy New Year Everyone.


One thought on “From 24 to 34, A Decade in Review

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