Marry for Money?

No, not literally. But check this out.  This post talks about a Q&A with Elizabeth Ford and Daniela Drake, M.D., authors of the book, “Smart Girls Marry Money“.   And if you clicked these links, you would see that it’s not really about marrying for money, but more about having that open dialogue with your potential partner.

I have only been married for a few years, but I will say that I am so grateful we went through Pre-Cana.  Some of our friends laughed at us, but truly, it was a great exercise.  it forced is to think about financial issues we may not have thought about – what percentage to dump in 401k, mortgage rate, health insurance costs – and how all of these (and other) line items affect our bottom line – and our household.

I  mean, now that we pay out thousands to daycare, it’s not that relevant, but still…every penny counts!


One thought on “Marry for Money?

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