Why is it always black and white?

And, I mean this literally.  The WSJ’s The Juggle posted about a recent study on bi-racial teens, found here.  About halfway through the article I realized that they just surveyed/studied black and white kids.    So, like you are only considered bi-racial if you are a mix of black and white?  I have posted about this issue before.  Because my kids ARE  bi-racial and they are not the typical black and white combination, they are, gee, how do I say it?  Well, I can’t put it in colors because there aren’t any to describe how beautiful my children are.  They don’t have a color per se.

My point is, when people think “bi-racial” they often think of it in black and white terms, and it’s not.  Believe me, anyone who knows me,  knows I tend to think in black and white, but I certainly don’t live it.  Obviously.

So,  I wonder what behaviors my kids will exhibit in their teens….I guess I will just wait and find out.  And to anyone who reads through the post or the survey, note the data is from the 1990’s…when I, my bi-racial husband and a lot of you, were in your teens.  And I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t posting graffiti or stealing. …


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