Taking It Easy

Yes, I know, it’s been awhile.  But rest assured, it’s not because I am “taking it easy”.  Check out this article on Forbes.  This article about recent graduates is completely disturbing for a number of different reasons.  This not the time to take it easy, rather this is the time to get your act together and do everything you possibly can to ensure you gain employment.  Are they not thinking clearly?  Obviously!

What about health insurance?  Or are they convinced that the government will institute national healthcare and all will be solved?

Good quote here: “As a generation, this age group doesn’t have a lot of resiliency and resistance,” says Philip Gardner, director of the Collegiate Employment Research Institute at Michigan State University. “This is a generation that has had a lot of enablers making sure things get done for them. They haven’t had to deal with adversity, and they think that when times get tough, someone is going to help them. If you have never been held accountable, you have a tendency to just withdraw. It’s an entitlement thing.”

Long story short, get off your duff.


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