Recession Tips

I hope this helps some people!  I know I am trying to do whatever I can in these times to be more efficient.  If you have other tips, please comment, thanks!

  • Revisit coupon clipping, whether they be the coupons you get in the mail via Red Plum or visiting sites such as The Coupon Diva
  • You can also visit your local grocer and take advantage of in-store deals and COUPLE them with coupons!
  • Look for the bread/party thrift stores in your area.  Get the same goodies for a fraction of the cost

Those are a few tips for meal planning, but how about FUN?

And last but not least, for peace of mind:

  • Think about the big picture, nothing lasts forever
  • Add value to every aspect of your life; enjoy every moment and give as much as you can
  • Take time to embrace your environment, your work place, your home, etc.

And thanks to my colleague Andy Baron for some of his great ideas!  More to come!


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