More Kids?

Do you think that working parents should think differently about this question than those households where at least one parent stays at home?  A recent post by Lauren Young on the BusinessWeek Working Parents Blog talks about this.  A decent thread.

I am just not convinced this is a decision that can be divided amongst those who work and those who don’t.  Having children is such a big decision that I think it encompasses more than whether or not one or both parents work.  I mean, having more kids is expensive – so….if you don’t work, how do you support them?  I wish I could say our government helps with subsidized childcare, but I would be dreaming out loud if I did.  So, really the decision to have more kids relies on a number of factors, finances are up there for sure, but so is the parents age, room in the house, where you are in your career and for the mothers, if you can afford the break for leave.

Anyone else have any thoughts?


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