The BlackBerry and You

This is not “new” news for sure.  But Jennifer Merritt over at the WSJ’s Juggle quotes a newer, and disturbing study about parents and the oh-so-famous BlackBerry.  The post can be found here.

“Dr. Cloud argues that technology has destroyed time and space boundaries–and frankly, it’s hard to disagree with that point. And he says people need to put those boundaries back in place and reclaim their lives. Sounds great, but I think putting it into practice is significantly harder than saying it should be so.”

This is true, all so true for so many of us.  Like Jennifer, when I am at work, I am at work, I don’t let anything interfere at all.  So why is it when I with the family, I allow myself to let work weave it’s way in?  I do have to admit however, during dinner, my BlackBerry stays in my bag.  It’s only when I start doing the dishes I get it out….


One thought on “The BlackBerry and You

  1. Thanks for pointing this out; I agree, we are in a new age where the work/life boundary is becoming blurred. It takes a lot of attention to think it through on a daily basis. “Is this email important enough to respond to NOW? Or does my kid need my attention?” I assume that future generations will develop ways of dealing with this, but for now, we’re on our own.”

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