I am glad the WSJ Juggle wrote on this topic and I am looking forward to reading the comments when I have time. When I used to think of “inter-racial marriages”, the immediate image in my head was black and white, literally. Well, I don’t think that way anymore, for obvious reasons. My husband is half Korean, therefore my children are also “bi-racial”. I have never really thought about this much, but I guess at some point I will and what it means, if anything, for them. Interestingly though, we are not alone.

Per the Juggle post:

“But the most recent data it does have shows that there were 1.67 million interracial married couples in America in 2002, where one spouse was either white or black. That was up from 697,000 two decades earlier.”

So, I guess by the time “it matters” to my kids, they will be in good company.


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