This post in the Juggle made me think of something.  Sure, it’s up to the mother and in the end both the parents about whether or not nursing is right for you.  So, one thing here caught my attention – the bit about mothers who feel “uncomfortable” making a formula bottle in public.  Huh.  I have been on both sides of the fence and I am pretty sure that nursing in public is FAR MORE uncomfortable than making a bottle.  Just last week I was at the Mall and I had asked a clerk in a children’s store if there was a mother’s room at the mall.  She said, well, if you want to nurse, just go to the bathroom, that’s all we have.  Um, I think that is uncomfortable.  Would you want to eat on a toilet?  Better yet, try sitting on an open toilet seat that has an automatic flush for 20 minutes while trying to nurse an infant.  Again, a bit more uncomfortable than making a bottle.


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