Eliot Spitzer, my opinion

I realize that everyone has an opinion, but what the heck, that is what blogs are for.  This Eliot Spitzer thing is a bit over the top.  I am not THAT naive, I know things go on, I do.  However, for the love of God, is this really necessary?  Why do men do this?  And yes, I did say men.  The fraction of women “using” male prostitues is much lower, so yes, I am talking about men here.  I mean, are men THAT BORED that they need to PAY someone?  Seriously.  Because if that is the case, I can certainly provide a list of things that men can do to occupy their time that are LEGAL and productive all at the same time.

Men – if any of you read, and by now I am not sure any do….how about starting with being nice to your wife?  Instead of the $4300 you pay a prostitute, buy your wife a nice card for $2.99.  Look at the savings!  And if you are still bored, here are some other things you can do.

  • Wash the windows – inside and out
  • Wash the kitchen cabinets – inside and out
  • Clean the car (s) interiors
  • Wash down the crown molding

Still bored?  Let me know.  And if boredom isn’t the reason you are soliciting ILLEGAL activities and you are doing it because you WANT to, then you deserve to go to prison.


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