This Hit Home

All, if you read my blog regularly at all, please check out Penleope Trunks article from yesterday’s Boston Globe.  Keep in mind, I originally saw this in hard copy – it was on the front page of the Career Section.  Before I go into a complete tear, I will say up front that I can not argue her scientific points regarding a women’s fertility.  Obviously your chances are better when you are younger.

That said, I can not believe I read this on the front page of the Career Section.  I can not.  This subhead sets of fire crackers in my very being:

Women eager to have children need to direct career drive toward mating

Really?  Any particular industry open to this???  Last time I checked, you had to put in your time in order to get to a salary comfortable enough to take a pay cut to leave and go have a child.  I will blog on this more later today. 


3 thoughts on “This Hit Home

  1. I think Penelope Trunks has been speaking to my mother! But seriously, I know that as a single, professional, 35-year-old woman, my chance of becoming a mother (biologically) is decreasing. This kind of “news” doesn’t need to go on the front page of the Globe’s Career section. But in all fairness, if Penelope would like to lend me $14K to freeze my eggs, I’d be happy to consider the procedure, per her advice.

  2. It’s hard to hear this woman judging anyone else. I can hardly decide what I am going to wear tomorrow to work, let alone the timing of my sexual and reproductive life in advance! Shouldn’t things happen as they were meant to? I’m new to the blogosphere and would love to know your thoughts

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