Are We Getting Dumber?

On the Today Show this morning there was a discussion about the dumbing down of America -not a new topic for sure.  Here is the Web page.   I have often thought about this.  I am by no means a “wicked smart” person, but I am hoping I don’t fall in the dumb category either.  Thinking about the future gets me nervous though.  Where are we all headed?  The other day my son took the newspaper off the couch and started playing with it.  I turned to my husband, with great sadness, and said “he will never know what a newspaper is”.  And it’s true!  So sad.


One thought on “Are We Getting Dumber?

  1. I do think that the mainstream media and politicians have “dumbed down” their speech so that they can be understood by the common man. Or rather, by Joe & Suzie Sixpack who are sitting at home watching TV and eating a hefty bag of Cheetos (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Either Americans at large are getting dumber or I’m getting snobbier, because I pretty much get my news from NPR and Jim Lehrer. I can’t stand to watch/listen to anything else.

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