Friday Fodder

Mrs., Ms. or Miss?  Which do you prefer?  That is the topic of one of the posts on WSJ’s The Juggle today.  Well, my two cents.  If you had asked me ten years ago, I would have said all women should be Ms., regardless of marital status.  Since then, I have grown up a bit and of course realized there is no one answer.  It’s up to you.  However, I do admit to using both Ms. and Mrs. myself.    I never use Miss anymore since I am married, but I would venture to say Ms. is the preferred choice.  Then again, most call me by my first name, so it doesn’t much matter.   But, when my kids have their friends over – and this is when their friends are actually old enough to talk – I will be Mrs.  My husband and I feel strongly about that – not calling elders (for lack of a better term) by their first name.  There are lots of people I still refer to Mr. and Mrs. and I always will – it’s a respect thing.  Alas, interseting debate and good Friday Fodder.


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