Thoughts on the balance

I started this post earlier in the week and then got sid-tracked, but since then I have done some more thinking about it.  Good post in Washington Post‘s On Balance this week about the surprises ife throws you.  Most of us start out with a dream somewhere in our 20s and then in our 30s reality sets in.    Life does change.  Really, if you think about it, change is the only constant.  So, at some point in life you have to figure out how to roll with it.  In the post Leslie talks about parenthood and the effect it can have on your career – the effect it has when making career choices.   To date, I have been fortunate.  I truly love what I do and have an immense passion for the industry, so it makes working much easier.  I didn’t say less stressful mind you, but easier.  And I have to admit I am new to the parenting thing – I truly don’t think it’s been long enough for me to be able to draw any hard conclusions about how being a parent has or will effect my career.  Right now all is good and that is all I have the capacity to really worry about.  Sure, the every day stresses can get under my skin, like a last week when the daycare called to tell me my son had to get picked up because he was sick and I had a conference call in 30 minutes.  That is stressful and not so fun.  But,  you know what?  We figured it out – I thankfully have a great husband who understands I can not do it all alone and he is always supportive and we try our best to divide up these types of things.   Anyway, those are some profound thoughts for a Friday.  Busy day ahead, but maybe more to follow.


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