Today – some thoughts

So, typically, outside of the regular news outlets running coverage on MLK, I don’t pay too much attention, even though I should.  Then I came across this post on today’s The Juggle about a father hearing his daughter say the word “black” to describe someone, and his reaction to it.  In his explanation he describes her own make-up, which is for lack of a better term, mulit-racial, perhaps.  And he goes on to say that they (parents) have taught her that people come in all different shades, etc. and it got me to thinking.  My son is bi-racial – and even though he is too young to really understand that, what will it mean for him?  Anything?  Unlike the Juggle poster’s situation, my son is part Korean, so there isn’t really a “skin” issue per se, but a difference nontheless.  But, what I ask is, a difference of what?  Aren’t we all different in some way and isn’t that the beauty of being human?  Am I being too idealistic to believe that one day we will all think like this and it simply won’t matter what our skin or eyes looks like?


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