Comcast AGAIN

“For some reason the normal checks for that phone number don’t work”.  No kidding.  I really don’t understand this situation and apparently neither does the guy at Comcast.  How refreshing.

 Then he says, “This is really strange”.  Gee, you think?!!?!?


4 thoughts on “Comcast AGAIN

  1. On behalf of Comcast I would like to apologize for the difficulties you experienced. We are making great strides to improve the service we provide to our valued Customers, and it would not appear that this was part of your experience. If you are still having difficulties and would like to involve my office please follow the link provided and select ‘Send an email to Rick’ located on the right side. Please include the name, phone number for the account in question and details of the problem you are experiencing.

    Thank you for being a Comcast Customer!

    Frank Eliason
    Comcast Executive Offices

  2. WOW! SOUNDS LIKE THE LETTER THEY SENT ME AS WELL…….. they been trying to fix my service for TWO years now, and all i get were trying, but keep paying your bill.COMCAST SERVICE TECHS SUCK BAD…..then the customer service people cannot even read the orders and then if and when they do it is to late for all of us….. i wish i had time to waste and then i would like COMCAST….
    does any one no of a good cable company??? I PRAY FOR ONE TO COME SOON

  3. Keep up the good piece of work, I read few articles on this web site and I conceive that your site is very interesting and holds circles of fantastic info .

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