I have posted about them before, so this is not new to anyone who has read my blog before.  I do not understand for the life of me why they can not get a work order straight.  I really don’t.  Each and every time we need to get something done – whether it’s a phone line, cable or Internet there is a such a long waiting period just for the technician to come out here.  Then, inevitably they do not do eveything correctly and we have to wait even longer.  Well, this is just not acceptable – but of course, it has to be, right?  I can not fix myown phone line.  But I was just reading Cliff Edwards post on the Comcast keynote at CES and how Comcast wants to get more aggressive and keep their customers happy.  Really?  Could have fooled me.  When?  Before Friday?  Because that is what they told me on MONDAY (when my phone would be fixed).


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