CES is Going Green

CNN/AP reports here. But who isn’t is what I want to know.  Next week the official CES International Show starts.  I haven’t been since 2005 and that is A OK with me.  It’s a fun show – especially for PR people.  Tons of reporters and lots of staring at badges.  That part I do not miss.  I do miss the innovation, the news, the buzz, the hype and the hig energy.  But I am happy to do without the standing/walking for 16 hours straight, late nights/early mornings of entertaining clients (oh, ok and myself), trying to keep an East Coast AM schedule on the West Coast and red-eye flights back home only to report to work an hour after landing.  However, I am glad to see that CES is still around.  I am ancient enough to remember and have attended Comdex – so sad that is gone :).  Happy Friday everyone.


3 thoughts on “CES is Going Green

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