Young and Old – Social Media

I was just reading Paul Dyer‘s recent post on the new influencers, new media and I wanted to share the post.  He talks about age as it relates to understanding and maybe even immersing oneself into social media.  I tend to agree with his point of view.  I am certainly not 50 years old, but there are days when I do not feel far from it in terms of social media, and otherwise.  I do keep track of friends and colleagues on LinkedIn.  I do not have Facebook or MySpace account and most likley will never.  However, I, like most older folks, try to learn by reading the influncer-type blogs and immersing myself it in as much as possible.  As I have mentioned here before, I think the social media “boom” if you will is similar to the “Internet Boom” we experienced in the late 90’s and it’s going to be, and is, a big learning curve for all of us, no matter what age.


One thought on “Young and Old – Social Media

  1. Hi Becki,

    Thanks for your thoughts, as you may have noticed I occasionally take issue with people who Market themselves as understanding new ways of thinking and interacting when they aren’t necessarily qualified 🙂 I’m sure the same could have been said of many people back in the “Internet Boom” of the 90s. As I’ve said many times, I believe that education is the key to making sure people don’t get taken advantage of, unfortunately, in the meantime the learning curve you speak of is a fairly daunting reality. Ah well, thanks again for your thoughts, I’ll look forward to speaking with you further in the future!


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