The iPhone situation…

Now I do not have one, nor will I.  The less connected I am outside of work the better my quality of life is. I do not feel the need to watcha movie on a 3 inch screen or anything of that nature.  But when I heard the news about the price drop I could only feel for those that bought into the hype and went out 10 weeks ago and got one.  Maybe there is a lesson here?  Like when a new model car comes out – don’t buy the first year, but wait.  I dont know.  David Pogue has a good post on the issue, links to USA Today’s coverage.  And of course we know of the $100 credit, but somehow I don’t think that makes a big difference to those who are now forces to spend $100 on MORE Apple products.


One thought on “The iPhone situation…

  1. I wish I could feel bad for the folks who shelled out the money to get one of the first iPhones, but I just don’t. Sorry. I don’t think I’ve ever bought a new product right when it came out, usually becuase I know the price will go down eventually (granted, maybe not in 3 months, but maybe in 6 or 9) and buying it early would be like paying more for no reason. The iPhone was, to me, not worth the 600 bucks that people shelled out for it originally and while it stinks that so many Apple enthusiasts/supporters paid $200 more than what others will now pay, I kind of can’t feel bad for them. Apple isn’t in business to make people feel good, they are in business to make money. A pretty crappy move no doubt, but I think it was to be expected.

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