Friday Fun – Random Question

Ok, so those of you who frequent Dunkin’ Donuts can understand this.  Why when you go through the drive-thru and say (verbatim), “yes, a toasted English Muffin, toasted with butter on it”, you get a half toasted English muffin with packets of butter on the side?  Of couse, it wasn’t until after my half hour commute I realized this when I opened the bag to find a cold Englsih muffin with a plastic knife and butter packets.  Apparently, you have to say, “yes, a toasted English Muffin, with butter ON IT” and really emphasize the “ON IT”.  Amazing.  I knew this happened with bagels and cream cheese, didn’t know it also happened with English muffins.


One thought on “Friday Fun – Random Question

  1. “ON the muffin.” As opposed to simply “on the muffin.” Interesting.

    For some reason this reminds me of a completely idiotic question that someone asked me once. “So, you’re a vegetarian?” “Yup.” “So you don’t eat meat?” “Nope.” “Not even ham?” Silence….

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