Eating Habits

Interesting article in today’s BullDog reporter about marketing to mothers/children re: junk food.  Nothing too outlandish or surprsing here.  One stat I thought was interesting:  

58% of moms say they are going to feed their family what they want regardless of marketing messages

Well, I would think so!  Depending on how old you are, you can remember the commericals on TV as a kid, the big jug of Kool-Aid and all the happy kids that surrounded him.  Did anyone ever show the down side of sugar overload?  No, and when you are a kid, you don’t really care.  Now that I am a mother, granted a mother of a child who has yet to eat solid foods, I most defintely am concerned about nutrition.   Childhood obesity is such an issue, especially in this country.  I want to do all I can to offer the best choices. 


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