Good post on the Juggle today about mothers wokring part-time.  Full coverage in the AP article, but: “Sixty percent of full-time working mothers said working part time would be best, up from 48 percent 10 years ago. About 70 percent of all women with children under the age of 18 work outside the home, the article says.”

Read on if you can, lots of good comments.  I think if I had my druthers, part-time would certainly be something to consider.  I think the major draw-back to that, besides the obvious cut in salary, would be availability.  In the PR world, you kind of have to be available on a full-time basis, so reducing your said hours would most likely result in reduced pay, not necessarily reduced hours.  But if it could work, it would be IDEAL.


One thought on “Part-time?

  1. I’m also one of the working mothers. I work at home as a mother, as an employee and as a wife. This is better than going to the office because it’s easier to shift from one role to another. Unlike moms working in the office, they tend to ignore family matters once they’re sitting on their office chair. In my case, I can work as an employee but can be very flexible as soon as my son and husband arrive.

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