I was reading MommaBlogga this morning and Jordan metions a recent Pew study that shows being a parent these days is hard than it was years ago.  And not only does it seem like it’s harder to be a parent, the study also states that mothers who were raising children 20-30 years ago think mothers today are doing a worse job.  Great.

Either way you cut it, it IS more diffiult being a mother today.  Besides the various societal factors (media, Internet, everything), women WORK outside the home.  20-30 years ago, most did not.  So now, mothers have all of the responsibilities that mothers did 20-30 years ago, PLUS working 40 hours a week outside the home.

Again, I beg the question, how has the father’s role changed (generally) and what sacrifices has he (collectively) made?  I wonder.  Please fill me in if you have any answers.


5 thoughts on “Harder?

  1. I don’t think it has very much. Mothers are just getting more of a taste of what fathers have been doing, and many are realizing that it makes their lives harder… less time for the stuff they want to do / think they should be doing.

    Of course there’s also much more expectations on fathers now to also handle half of the child care, cleaning, etc; while still handling repairs, yardwork, family planning, etc; and still put in whatever overtime his career may demand and sucking it up without complaining about it.

  2. Hi Alen -Thank you for pointing those things out – I will go back and look through again. Pew has generally put out some good studies – I didn’t even think about the timing and Mother’s Day – good point! And, at the end of the day I think parents in general, mothers and fathers, do have a harder time these days and there just doesn’t seem to be any clear answer to make things a bit easier and more “livable”.

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