Need $86,000?

How very timely.  This coincides with my recent postings.


One thought on “Need $86,000?

  1. The problem with this study, is that it isn’t a study. It’s a feel-good publicity stunt for Mother’s day.
    They included the last three questionable choices specifically to inflate the numbers. (Check out the breakdown of the salaries for the jobs they included, and you’ll see):

    8. Computer operator
    9. Chief executive officer
    10. Psychologist

    There really isn’t such a thing as a “Computer Operator” so they take other computer-field related salaries to fill that in, and most mother’s don’t really have the qualifications for CEO or Psychologist. But they included real salaries for those anyway, which hugely inflate the overall numbers.

    They also assume long work hours, factoring in overtime where it might not be paid in a career; and of course there’s no corresponding numbers to what fathers and children contribute “for free”. So it all gives a very, very skewed view of things. All from a company that makes it sound official; but that’s really only interested in the media attention.

    Sorry to rain on the parade. Mothers are appreciated. Always have been, and their virtues are continually praised and admired. But false praise… well, that’s another story

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