Are You Sure You Are Happy?

Again, I stole the title from WSJ’s The Juggle.  But this post begs an important question.  Are we (Americans) happy?  What makes us happy?  The all-American dream of marriage, children and a house?  Perhaps for some it is.  Perhaps for others it’s none of those things.  I don’t know.  I am torn myself.  Although, for the most part, I have to admit, that each year gets better and  better.  I don’t know if that is because I have worked my way into this typical American dream of sorts (just owe my entire life to this mortgage) or if a sense of happiness, or rather contentment, just happens with age.  My wise Aunt has told me this on more than one occasion.  And she said when you hit 40 things just seem to make sense.  I hope so!

This WSJ post has to do with the typical American dream and balancing children with work, but I think it’s s a question we can all ask ourselves.  Are you happy?  Let me know.


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