Dunkin’ Donuts Again

Yes, again, I went through the drive-up window to pick up my medium iced coffee with skim milk only, and there she was.  I asked her how she was doing and she said, “Doin’ great!”.  I find that amazing.  If she is doing great by serving pre-caffeinated people their coffee so early in the morning, I can certainly muster up the energy to be happy.  So here we are on Wednesday morning.  Not much going on – just work.  More later.


One thought on “Dunkin’ Donuts Again

  1. OMG! I have to say – the Dunkin Donut lady near me is the SAME WAY! Every morning she’s “happy”?? I say that with a total question mark!! It is so funny… I may be in a business suit with my hair and makeup… a bun on my head with no makeup… sunglasses from sleeping so late I feel like I look scary – and she’s STILL THE NICIEST KINDEST WOMAN… I leave her tips everyday!! I always wonder how she can be so upbeat with some of the characters she must get!!! LOL
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    Have a great day,

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