No More PR?

Or at least it will change.  I don’t agree with the synopsis of this white paper.  Daryl Wilcox is basically saying that SEO marketing will essentially take over and there will be no more PR as we know it.  I agree that things have changed and will continue to change and evolve, but as with any moving industry, the business of PR will use technology to its advantage, not the other way around.  At the end of the day, a successful PR program is successful when you have reached the key influentials that you need to reach.  Of course there are other elements such as media coverage, awareness, up tick in sales, etc.  However, SEO marketing isn’t going to replace people.  For a large part, or at least those I work with, PR professionals hold key relationships and that can not be taken for granted.


2 thoughts on “No More PR?

  1. some people own real relationships… some people hound and devote their success to squeeky wheel tactics. to truly finese PR at an agency, you must know the value of a good story and have the confidence in telling your clients that their’s just isn’t it. i think seo will take over many of the pr opportunites from the younger wet behind the ears set… real pr professionals will take seo as a challenge to uplevel their role and really know the technologies. you’re lucky you’ve been in the market for a while, but if we stop adding value, i think seo stands a pretty good chance…

  2. I totally agree that people and relationships are critical. This is the case for both PR *and* SEO. That is why in my whitepaper I don’t assert that “SEO marketing will essentially take over and there will be no more PR as we know it”, what I say is there is a risk that SEO may begin to set the communications agenda.
    I also say in the whitepaper that PR professionals are potentially better placed to handle online communications than SEO professionals, but PR needs to educate itself to online techniques – fast.

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