Where do you live?

In Andrew Kantor’s column today in USA Today, he talks about geography and its importance.  Years ago it mattered where you lived.  It mattered because you had to live near your work, your favorite places, etc.  Now, with the Internet, it almost doesn’t matter.  You can choose where to live based on temperature or whatever else is important to you.  I am a fan of the northeast by far.  Being born in NH and having lived in Wisconsin, upstate New York, NYC, MA and NH, I am by a fan of NH.  It’s tax free for crying out loud, what else do you need?

But he makes a lot of good points.  The world is quickly changing.  And a lot of that has to do with the Internet.  Good thing he came along.


One thought on “Where do you live?

  1. I too love New Hampshire, of all the states I’ve lived in. (California, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont.)

    Two years ago I wanted to move back to NH, but found it had become a bit pricey. So I chose Maine instead, thinking it could not be that much different.

    I was very wrong…


    I miss New Hampshire

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