Comcast – Grrrrr…

Ok, so I needed to make an international call this morning.  No big deal, right?  Well, apparently it is.  I tried and tried to no avail.  I emailed my husband all in a fury asking why this wasn’t working.  He said he had no idea and to call call Comcast.  Well, now that is easier said than done.  Check this out.  Where is the phone number?  Right.  So I either had to go find our bill and hope there was a number there or call information.  I opted for the latter.  Only to get an automated system that said there were three numbers for Comcast.  So, not knowing which one I needed, I trusted the automated system to send me to the right one.  I call.  I go through a series of “press one” for this that and the other thing – only to be told via an automated voice that I needed to hang up and call a different number. At this point, my patience were GONE.  So I call.  And I hear “press one for English”.  For the love of God, of COURSE I want English, I live in America, don’t I?  Man.  So I finally get through to someone.  And she said there was no block on my phone, so she didnt know what the problem was, but rest assured she started a “ticket” and it will be fixed in 24-48 hours.  I said, “are you serious?”.  There was no use in explaining to her that I needed to talk with my client in the UK to get a press release approved in the next few hours.  No one outside of PR can really understand the concept.  So, after saying a Hail Mary, I tried calling my client again.  And this time it went directly to his voicemail.  So, in the end I was able to get through.  Now I only hope I don’t miss his call when he calls back for fear I will never be able to call out to him again.

What I dont get, is that Comcast is a phone company, right?  Why can’t they list THEIR phone number on their Web site?


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