Thief on the loose…

Ok, so being on Weight Watchers is like no fun at all (but I still have 26 lbs to lose).  And it’s a Friday during Lent.  Double whammy.  My wonerful husband made me a tuna fish wrap for lunch, which I really appreciate.  However, I am starving, so I figured I could heat up my Weight Watchers Smart Ones Macaroni and cheese that I had in the freezer here at work.  No such luck.  It was gone.  Stolen.  I can not believe this would happen.  And I am telling my colleague Kim M about it and guess what?  She just had her notebook stolen!!  What is going on?!  Ok, so I am not that riled up about this, its small stuff, but again, its the principle.  Stealing is stealing.


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