Forum Has Begun!

Dave Parmet said it’s begun!  Here is the Flickr site.  I am waiting for Joel‘s mug to pop up :).  Check this out for his updates.


3 thoughts on “Forum Has Begun!

  1. Hi everybody,

    I know that this is not really got anything to do with the forum but i am looking for somebody to play spades with me.

    Please PM me if you are interested to play a little bit of spades online.

    Thank you webmaster for not deleting this post.

  2. Hi guys,

    Yahoo always had made a happy customer and i was satisfied ith everything they offer until today.
    Just a few hours ago i thought i will use yahoo spades and play spades online for a while.
    i just signed up and within a few minutes my email account got completley flooded with advertisements. Like every other internet user i try to keep my email off the bad lists in order not to get all this junk sent to my email. Now it seems that although that in Yahoo Spades is a serious gaming site they took my details and gave them to third parties.

    Watch out for this on yahoo spades!

  3. Sorry guys i know this is not the best forum to ask for help but maybe there is somebody out there who understand something about Devisenhandel.

    Well i read this article online about the forex being a good thing and all but i have heared that people get ripped off a lot.
    This is why i am not asking this on a forex forum cause over there everybody will tell me that the devisenhandel is a great thing and all.

    So my question is if somebody has experience with this here?



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