Driving and Cutting.

I hate cutting.  I hate it.  Why do people think it is ok to cut you off on a highway when everyone is goin 60 mph?  Really.  If you are in that much of a rush, you should have gotten up 5 minutes earlier.  This morning, I was in the fast lane on Rte. 3S, going 71 mph, the speed limit is 55mph.  And this guy was on my tail, like within inches.  So, being a safe driver, I moved over to let him go.  Here he was “Big Man, Big Truck”, or not.  It was a Kia Sportage.  I mean, I have nothing against Kias, I have never been in one.  But, if you are going to make yourself out to be all big and bad, get a real truck.  And here’s a tip to anyone who has to merge in traffic  – get in your lane prior to 50 feet beforehand.  We all see the signs that the exit is coming up, there is no need to wait until the last minute and cut everyone else off who has been waiting in line.


4 thoughts on “Driving and Cutting.

  1. First, if you’re going 60, you’re going too slow, nana. Second, if you’re going 71 in a 55, you’re going too fast, Dannika Patrick. Third, who says I was trying to be “big and bad?” Perhaps I was simply late. And why do I need a truck anyway? Does that convey “big and bad?” Lastly, it’s more fun to cut, because I get to piss off people like you, the Easily Pissed Off.

  2. You reply and type as fast as you drive! Oh wait, I passed you, so you aren’t that fast. If you have a child in the back of that car you should ease up on the throttle.

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