Bell Ringers!

Ok, for those of you who are not in PR and not in New England, Bell Ringers could mean a group of ringers at church.  However, if you are in PR and in New England the term Bell Ringers ( means excitement, anticipation and hard work.  Each year, several of our campaigns/coverage for our clients are up for nomination.  And this year is no different.  I am fortunate enough to work on two submissions for one of my clients.  Last year I was lucky enough to actually attend the Bell Ringer Ceremony and it was a great time.  Hundreds of PR professionals gathered for a nice meal and an event MC’ed by Billy Costa (  It’s a great time to celebrate all of the hard work and creative juices that go into successful PR programs.  This week we are wrapping up all of the submissions and it’s a great time in PR!  And what a small world – The President of the Publicity Club of New England is a former client of mine and the VP is a very dear friend.  Again, if you are in PR and in New England, you know what a very small world this is 🙂


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