Do you believe in it?  As I mentioned yesterday, I went to 7:30am Mass at Rivier College (www.rivier.edu) with the Sisters for Ash Wednesday.  Assuming all went well, I would get to work right on time.  However…I rushed out to my car to beat the traffic out of the parking lot, jumped in and tried to start it.  Didn’t start.  This could not be happening.  Not at all. I HATE being late for work.  HATE IT.  But, as fate would have it, I was on campus, a place I lived for years and I was able to call up Public Safety and they were there within minutes to jump my car.  How beautiful.  Amazing.  This could have happened in Andover, after work, in the dark and cold.  But, no, I was fortunate enough to be in that environment.  God does work in mysterious ways!  So, on my way in to work, I tried to put on the radio and it said I had to enter some code.  Right.  No idea what that means.  So I had to ride in silence for the 45 minute commute.  Again, fate.  Ash Wednesday is a day to reflect and that is exactly what I had the time to do.  Amazing.


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