And it’s Monday.  Weekend was nice – no snow to speak of, but it’s definetely coming our way over the next couple of days.

On the PR side, my colleague Joel Richman, who frequently posts here ( sent around an article from today’s WSJ about social networking and the rise of various  news sites like Digg (  This is some really serious stuff here folks.  Media as we know it is changing faster than we (PR people and our clients) can keep up.  Thankfully PAN ( is at the forefront.  If you haven’t already checked Digg out, you should.  There are other sites as well, but this will be a good start if you are just entering the “new world”.

Just think – my son, who is almost 14 weeks old, may not ever know what a newspaper is.  Scary stuff – but also, vedry, very exciting.  Remember when the Internet first happened?  This is what we are facing.  Take note.


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