What a week – glad it’s Friday.   I think this was my first full week back to work since I came back to work!  Not a whole lot to report.  Work is good, baby is good.  Media training yesterday was a great experience.  I took an active part, but my colleagues really ran the show.  I think it was an enlightening experience for the potential spokespeople.  They live and breath their product lines, but when they are faced with questions from a reporter, it puts things in a different light.  As with life, it’s all about perception.  It will be interesting to see what skills and tactics they have taken with them.   We filmed all of the mock interviews and when we played them back and gave feedback, I really think it made it all sink in. 

Today is casual day and I am so happy about that.  I am still wearing what I refer to as “fat clothes”, but at least I am in jeans and my absolutely FAVORITE sweatshirt.  My husband used to work at a college and this sweatshirt has his name on the sleeve.  Corny, I know.  But in high school I was (ok, maybe still am) a bit of a dork and was never one to date the football player and wear the letter jacket.  So, that is why I love this sweatshirt.  Well, that, and it’s big enough to cover things 🙂


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