Wining, Dining and Blogging

I was reading a recent post on here ( today and it got me kind of excited.   The blogger talks about his dealings with a reporter when trying to book her for an appointment at a trade show (a basic PR task).  He upped the conversation from regular PR and client business, to something more interesting, what I would call “life interesting” versus “work interesting”.   He casually sent the reporter a site that he thought she might be intereseted in and they engaged in a conversation not relating to the client.  He sent her a simple blog to read.

The days of wining and dining reporters will never cease.  However, engaging them in a casual conversation – via blogs and personal interests – may just be starting.  Just something to keep in mind.  As we ALL know, PR is 99% relationships – the relationships are just using different tools now – they are stil there and still JUST as important, if not crucial.


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