Another Day, Another Sick Baby

Greetings.   So, after being out of work for over 4 months – between bedrest and maternity leave – I have already had to call out of work – twice – and I have only been back for two weeks.   Last week, it was me with a stomach bug, horrible.  This week, my son is really, really sick and actually now in the hospital, under observation (he is only 11 weeks old).

Of course this is very upsetting because he is so young and he has gotten so sick so soon.  And I worry.  I worry what this will mean for his immune system, how and when he will recover, etc.

I also worry about work.  As I have mentioned, I love my job, and I love PR.  And two of my clients are going to a major trade show next week and I am not there to prepare.  I work at a place with magnificent teams, and I know everything will be handled.

 However, I am concerned and upset that I can not take an active role in preparing my clients.  Sure, the media and analyst meetings are booked and everyone knows what to do.  I just like to be involved and I want the clients to know that I care about what they are announcing and that I am dedicated to getting their messages across.

 It’s really a double-edged sword – this being a mother and working in PR.  Both are demanding and both of them benefit from my passion.

But, I am lucky on both ends.  I work at a fabulous angency who encourages their employees to put family first and I have an even more fabulous husband who is extremely supportive of both of my roles – as mother and as a PR professional.

Ok, that is enough for now – I have to get some sleep and go back to the hospital and relieve my husband.  If you get to this blog, please comment – meeting others in the same boat can be beneficial for all of us!


One thought on “Another Day, Another Sick Baby

  1. wow.. you are so grown up even just in the last year, never mind since i have watched you grow…. I am very proud of you. Your son, your husband and your company are all lucky to have you. And so am I.

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